Michael Witbrock has a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a BSc Hons in Psychology from Otago University. He currently is Vice President for Research at Cycorp. Before joining Cycorp, in 2001, to direct its knowledge formation and dialogue processing efforts, he had been Principal Scientist at Terra Lycos, working on integrating statistical and knowledge based approaches to understanding web user behaviour, a research scientist at Just Systems Pittsburgh Research Center, working on statistical summarization, and a systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon on the Informedia visual and spoken document information retrieval project. His current research focuses on automated reading to inferentially-productive representations, application of background knowledge to video retrieval and to reasoning about the molecular biology literature, and automatic and semi-automatic knowledge capture and use, more broadly. He is author of numerous publications in areas ranging across computational linguistics, speech modelling and recognition, neural networks, automated inference, automated reading and multimedia information retrieval, and has dabbled in web browser design, genetic design and parallel computer architecture. As well as his technical work, Dr. Witbrock is very interested in entrepreneurship around AI and for social good, and in the social and economic outcomes of advances in AI. He is pursuing that latter interest, inter alia, via

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